Sunday, May 9, 2010

Herb garden

My herb garden is doing well so far this spring.  The chives are well up and in bloom now, the sage is fully green, and the oregano and thyme are doing OK, though the oregano seems to have taken a beating over the winter.  The tarragon did not survive the winter.  The mint is as robust as ever -- after a few seasons and two mint plants, I now have an 8-ft x 3-ft carpet of mint.

I've just put in eight basil plants this morning.  I have a bit of room left -- might put in a couple more thyme plants.  Rosemary is always nice, too, but it never winters over in our climate, so it has to be put in new every year.

Chives in bloom.

 Chive blossoms up close.

Beautiful sage.

Mint carpet.  Mojitos will be the cocktail of choice this summer!

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  1. David. You are amazing! Love your herb garden! Meg just gave me a cook book for Mothers Day from Teresa of the Real Housewives of NJ and (surprisingly) it is an interesting book full of Italian dishes and information. It is my second cook book. The first was from Grandmom, who could never tell me exactlly what measurements to use.

    So, Happy Mothers Day to our mutual Grandmother. She would be proud of you.



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