Monday, May 10, 2010

Tomato techniques

First good, ripe tomatoes of the season are coming in, even if from Florida or Texas.  Still, they're beautiful and tasty. 

I enjoy making the tomatoes into fresh tomato sauce.  There's nothing else quite like a sauce made from fresh tomatoes, rather than canned. 

A couple of tricks for the peeling and seeding part of the process:

I'll typically do about 3 lbs of tomatoes at a time.
Dig out your 1-gallon Rubbermaid beverage pitcher.

Fill with the tomatoes, and pour boiling water over all.

 Cover with the lid, and let sit about a minute.

Pour off the hot water, then fill with cold water, and let sit a few minutes.  
Pour off the cold water, and you're left with tomatoes ready to peel.

Slip the skins off, cut out the core, squeeze out the seeds, and let drain a bit.  
Chop and use for your tomato sauce.


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