Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sriracha sauce

One of my blog readers asked me about the Sriracha sauce I included in the Tom-Tom Salsa recipe.

It's great stuff -- a bit like ketchup, if you will, but where the main ingredient is ripe, red chili peppers rather than tomatoes.  Add in vinegar and sugar and you have Sriracha.  It's similar to Tabasco, but considerably sweeter, and more viscous.  Again, like ketchup. 

It's made in the US, in California, despite the appearance from the bottle that it comes from somewhere overseas.
Have a look at the company's website.

You can find Sriracha these days pretty much anywhere.  Every supermarket seems to have it, and you can certainly find it in any Asian grocery. 

I like to use Sriracha in the same way one would use Tabasco sauce -- in BBQ sauces, guacamole, salsas of every kind, as well in creamy foods, like mac 'n' cheese, clam chowder, and deviled eggs.  It's awesome on chicken cutlets, and scrambled eggs.  Squirt a bit on your burger along with your ketchup.  Wow. 

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