Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reading Terminal Market's makeover

Reading Terminal Market's makeover -- Philadelphia Inquirer

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If you live in or near Philadelphia, and you don't shop and eat at Reading Terminal Market, you're missing one of the great food destinations in the country.
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm there regularly -- typically two or three Saturdays a month.  Breakfast or lunch with Adam or Carmen at The Dutch Eating Place or Down Home Diner, shopping for veggies and fruit at Iovine's, meat from Charlie Giunta, roasted chicken from Dienner's, raisin-pecan cinnamon buns from Beiler's, cold cuts and pepper bacon from Hatville Deli, coffee (medium, extra cream) from Old City Coffee, bargain produce from OK Lee, steamed dumplings from Sang Kee, bread and fig bars (!) from Metropolitan Bakery, roast pork sammiches (with broccoli rabe and provolone) from DiNic's.   

The market went through a major rejuvenation at the time that the Convention Center was being built, which saved it from developers who were intent on jettisoning the Market from its perch under the old Reading train shed.  

Now it's about to go through another bit of renovation and expansion.  Business is good, and that's good for all us food lovers and inveterate food shoppers, who love good quality and freshness.  RTM is good, not only because it offers so much to its customers, but because it is real, not a phony, tourist "festival marketplace" selling crap T-shirts and soft pretzels.  (Do you hear that, Faneuil Hall and Inner Harbor?)

 Adam, dazzled by the selection at Reading Terminal Market!

Philbert, the Market's mascot.

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