Sunday, July 3, 2011

Feast for a friend from faraway

I hosted a supper on Friday evening for Hilda, a friend visiting from the UK.  Long story short: Carmen met her years ago when traveling in London and she was the tour guide.  They've kept in touch all these years.  Back in the US after about a decade, visiting NYC.  Popped down to Philly to say hello.

Dinner outside on the patio, under a pop-up canopy.  (Thanks, Steve!)  Perfect weather, and a perfect size gathering for supper.  Lighting courtesy of the Coleman gas lamp.

Munchies -- Goat cheese sprinkled with zatar with crackers, olives, peanuts. 
First course -- Pasta with fresh-tomato sauce and lots of basil from the garden.

The guest of honor and the first course.

 How beautiful is that??

Main course -- Roasted chicken with herbs from the garden, arranged on croutons over which all the pan juices were poured, making a kind of "pane inzuppato." ** (Best quote of the night, from Dewey: "We will ALWAYS serve chicken this way from now on.")

Side dishes -- Mushroom rice pilaf and green salad.

Dessert -- Apricot-cherry cobbler, ice cream, water ice, coffee and tea.

The next morning, at Reading Terminal Market.

**inzuppare, v. tr.
    1. (intingere) to dip, to dunk
    1. (bagnare completamente) to soak, to drench

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