Monday, May 16, 2011

Springtime herbs

I've put my herb garden in.   So far: 
  • 4 basil plants
  • 3 parsley plants
  • thyme
  • oregano

Basil and parsley are annuals, and the thyme and oregano, perennials.  I had both thyme and oregano from previous years, but neither seem to have weathered our harsh winter. 

The chives are well up and blooming.  The mint is more out of control this year than last, and the sage seems to have recovered from a lackluster 2010.

I planted two parsley plants in the sun, and put one in the shade.  A bit of an experiment to see how well they thrive in each environment.   Parsley typically likes sun, but too much sun and heat make it bolt.  A bit of shade, or shaded sun might favor a more gradual growth. 

I'm looking forward to a summer of abundant herbs. 

The chives in bloom. 

Beautiful sage.  This plant is about 18 years old --
I planted it shortly after moving into my home.

Basil plants.  A bit anemic, but it's not even Memorial Day.

Thyme in the foreground, oregano in the background.

Parsley -- curly up front, flat-leaf in the back. 
I think both have great flavor. 

Mystery herb.  I planted this last summer in one of the
patio pots, but I don't remember what it is!  I think it's
lemon mint, or catmint, or maybe even catnip.  Regardless,
like any mint, it's coming back strong!

 And of course, mint -- peppermint, in this case.  Out of
control, and spreading all over.  But at least I use it!  This shows
just a small part of an 8-foot patch of mint.  That started with one
plant a few years ago. 

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