Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Giving it another chance....

I started this blog in 2003, did it for a couple weeks, then stopped dead in my tracks. And I haven't touched it since.
But I find myself with time on my hands, so I'm diving back into it in earnest.
My strength in the kitchen, or so I seem to think, is that I can take one ingredient -- a can of tomatoes, a cup of uncooked rice, two bunches of broccoli -- and create a dish. Or create 6 dishes, thus the title. I'll feature that notion every so often (weekly), but I'll add in a heaping tablespoon of other ideas, too, such as:
• Recipes
• What’s for dinner tonite?
• What I had last night
• Dinner parties – stories
• Dinner parties – menus
• Dinner parties – planning
• Menu plan
• Shopping list and my favorite markets
• Restaurant reviews
• Musings on food and society
• Pet peeves in the kitchen
• Cookbook reviews
• Working through a cookbook
• Food science
• Food on TV
• Food magazines
• Eating and travel

Thanks for your interest, and let's get cooking!

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